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Richard Coffelt The Coffelt Group consists of a very few people who, by dint of untold thousands of hours of work, have identified the unit assignments, circumstances of death, and location of burial of our Vietnam dead ... details can be found on the Details & Links page.

Richard Coffelt was the first person to make a dedicated effort to identify the unit assignments of the Army's Vietnam dead, and did so with only the assistance of his wife Jo Ann Jennings until the late 1990s. Beginning in 1998, others joined with him. In alphabetic order, the major contributors to the Coffelt Database are

Other individuals and unit organizations have contributed in more limited, although no less valuable, ways ... but the CDB as it exists today does so primarily as the result of the persons named above.

Don Smith, an infantryman in Vietnam, has provided a never-ending stream of UTM coordinates for a variety of geographic points, including landing zones, fire support bases, base camps, villages, and so forth.

It is worthy of note that almost all of the above named (and most of the unnamed) persons who have contributed to the Coffelt Database served in Vietnam. Richard Coffelt and Jo Ann Jennings did not - but they certainly cared about those who did.

Richard Gipson, Jo Ann Jenning's nephew, assisted with the development of the Coffelt Database search program available on this site. With Richard's tutoring, Ken Davis learned enough about PHP scripting and the MySQL database system to actually construct the web site.

The web site is permitted to use unit information drawn from the CDB.

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