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Contact information for The Coffelt Group

all others need hard documentation!

You may address e-mail to either of the persons listed below. All e-mails will be read, but be advised that The Coffelt Group may or may not decide to respond to you. Some communications do not require a direct response.

If you disagree with our information regarding a particular individual, event group, etc., please attach hard documentation to your e-mail - extracted pages from operations reports, service record extracts, orders, or similar kinds of documentation. The Coffelt Group works on the basis of hard documentation ... we don't consider our own 40+ year old recollections to be absolutely reliable, and with all due respect we have the same doubts about anyone else's memory!

Books, hearsay-only, and/or anecdotal evidence may cause us to look into a matter, but by themselves probably will not result in changes to the Coffelt Database. Once again, hard evidence is our standard.

Dick Arnold

Ken Davis

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