The Coffelt Database of Vietnam casualties
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as of 16 Mar 2014

The Coffelt Database contains a total of 58,966 records. Of these,

In addition, there are 12 "placemarker" records for mis-spelled names; these records contain no information other than the person's correct name.

The CDB has documented unit of assignment information for all of the above personnel EXCEPT for 12 men who were captured by and subsequently escaped from the enemy.

The CDB contains the circumstances of loss (termed an "event") for 43,534 men and women. We have UTM coordinates for 34,613 of them and narrative locations for most of the rest. The remainder contain the words "SPECIFIC LOCATION UNKNOWN", meaning we know what happened but not where it occurred. Ideally an "Event" label will state both what happened and exactly where it happened, but it is possible that one element or the other might be missing:

If neither element is known, the "Event" field generally will be empty - but sometimes a "placemarker" event will be used to link together men from different units who are known to have been killed in the same incident.

In 2009, the Coffelt Group began attaching photographed and scanned documents to individual records. To date, we have posted 75,183 documents which are associated with 53,625 individuals (most individuals have more than one associated document, while some documents are applicable to more than one person). Among these documents are

As-yet-unposted documents include about 7,000 DA2496s and DD1300s photographed at the LBJ Library; approximately 18,000 DD1330s photographed at the National Archives; and an estimated 2,200 Service Record and Army IDPF documents which need to be scanned. (Note: The information from these documents has been posted but the documents themselves have not yet been associated with their "owners".)

The CDB contains burial location for 50,032 of our dead.

The numbers given above are accurate as of 16 Mar 2014, but they change daily as we post new information and documents. This page is only rarely updated - once a year, perhaps.

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