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MARCH 2019
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This search is suitable for units structured by Squadron, Air Group, Air Wing, and Major Command.

Navy and Marine Corps aviation squadrons use 'short' designators like 'VA-85' and 'VMA-223'.

Navy Carrier Air Wings use short abbreviations too - 'CVW-6' - and each carrier had a different Air Wing embarked. However, all the carriers came under Task Force 77, so entering 'TF 77' in the Task Force field will capture ship-based aviation losses (it will get shipboard losses as well).

The 1st Marine Air Wing (1ST MAW) was the only Marine Air Wing in Vietnam, so using only '1ST MAW' will capture all USMC aviation unit losses. Marine Air Groups are designated as 'MAG-16', 'MAG-39', etc.

Air Force squadron names are abbreviated in the form '454th Tac Ftr Sqdn' or '454th Tac Alft Sqdn', but if you are uncertain of the squadron designator you can use the Air Force's three major organizations '7TH AF', 'MAC', and 'SAC' - that will get all the Air Force people except three exchange pilots lost while flying with Navy squadrons.

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