The Coffelt Database of Vietnam casualties
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The LAST NAME must be complete (i.e., an exact match).
The FIRST NAME may be left blank or be a partial entry. Acceptable examples are
        First name blank: DAVIS
        First initial only: K DAVIS
        Partial first name: KEN DAVIS
        Full first name: KENNETH DAVIS

Some general rules are
        'Mc' and 'Mac' names are divided (Mc Donald, Mac Donald).
        Names like O'Bryan have the apostrophe.
        Some 'De' and 'Del' names are divided (De Witt, Del Greco).
        Dutch names like 'Van der' may be divided or one word, depending on how it appears in the person's military records. For example, VANDER DUSSEN, VANDERBROOK, and VAN DER SCHANS all appear in the database, as does VAN DERVORT. If you aren't successful, try variations on the surname.

No more than 100 matches will be returned.
SURNAME-ONLY searches will fail if
there are more than 10 qualifying records.
Enter the full LAST name.
FIRST name or initial is recommended

FIRST       LAST (Req)


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