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This page allows you to identify persons from the selected Home of Record State whose place of burial is not known. They are divided into four tables:

  1. Person whose remains were recovered at the time are in the first table, annotated as "Remains recovered".
  2. Persons initially classed as "Body not recovered" but whose remains were later recovered are in the second table, annotated as
        "BNR - Repatriated [date], IDed [date]"
    In some recent cases, date of repatriation is not known. In these instances there will only be an ID date.
  3. Ex-Prisoners of war are annotated as "Released POW or escapee".
  4. Persons whose remains have not been repatriated are annotated "BNR - Remains not recovered". They may or may not have an In Memory Of marker somewhere.
If there are no persons in a particular category that table will be omitted.

Use the SELECT list to specify the desired Home of Record State.

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