The Coffelt Database of Vietnam casualties
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The Coffelt Database is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the Coffelt Database, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

As noted above, the Coffelt Database (the "CDB") is a copyrighted intellectual property under US law. The Coffelt Group, as individuals and collectively, are determined that Coffelt Database extracts shall not be used for commercial purposes. In order to protect the CDB's status as a protected work and to prevent commercial exploitation, The Coffelt Group has established certain conditions that must be met before CDB extracts will be provided and imposes certain limitations on how any material provided by the Group may be used. The Coffelt Group specifically reserves the perogative of denying any request without giving a reason.

That said, The Coffelt Group will entertain requests for data extracts for units of Regimental size or smaller. We also may be able to provide data extracts by community - by city, county, or state. Although anyone may request a data extract, requests from unit associations and similar organizations are more likely to be granted than requests from a single individual. Bona fide researchers will be given assistance if the purpose is scholarly research rather than a commercial project.

Data extracts usually will be limited to textual material - image files normally will not be provided regardless of perceived justification. Textual extracts can be provided in different digital formats; most recipients seem to prefer either Excel spreadsheets or comma-delimited text files. It should be noted that many service numbers begin with a zero (all Marine officers below SvcNo 100000, for example) and some versions of Excel will strip leading zeros even from text fields.

The conditions and limitations we impose are straight-forward and will not (we think) present any significant problems:

When submitting a request, please be EXACT with respect to

If you leave any of this stuff out we may contact you for clarification, discard your request without taking any action, or do something else entirely ... the choice of action taken is exclusively ours to make. It's easier for everyone if the initial request at a mimimum addresses the above points. Amplifying information certainly is welcome - so say what you want to say. We'll read whatever you send.

Once a request passes initial muster with respect to the "who, what, and why" elements it will be circulated among the voting members of The Coffelt Group. Unanimous agreement of the voting members is required for all Coffelt Database extracts of any significant size.

Your initial request may be submitted to either of the following persons:

Dick Arnold

Ken Davis

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Page written on 18 Apr 2019